How did I get here?

“With a knack for design, composition and decisive moments, I quietly observe and anticipate what unfolds before me and position myself to capture what I envision. My dad was a creative person and the chronicler of our lives and I couldn't wait until I was old enough to be entrusted with his camera. Instead, he bought me a used Petri film camera when I was 14 years old to start me on my own visual journey. Thankfully, I inherited his creativity! I devoured photography, intuitively understanding the underlying concepts and refining my own unique way of viewing the world. A couple years later my mom helped me along my path by getting me my first pro camera. Suddenly I was living the Paul Simon dream -  shooting with a Nikon camera and Kodachrome film!  Shooting mostly for myself, I mixed in occasional weddings and other jobs over the years. Later I discovered that computers, Photoshop and design came almost as easily, and I taught these as well as practiced them. When one of my students approached me about working with her at her first wedding, I discovered a "perfect storm” of my photographic, computer and design skills merging into a new photography venture... and adventure!”

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